How to take Angelica powder

We make both Angelica tea and powder. Angelica has many health benefits, so taking it in powder form can produce more potent effects. There are a variety of ways you can add Angelica powder to your diet. 

In smoothies

Angelica has many nutrients, so it makes your green smoothies more healthy and energetic. It will go down easily if you put it in the smoothie.


In sweets

You can use Angelica powder as an ingredient. It suits Western and Japanese sweets. You can enjoy the taste as Matcha powder.


In dressings

Angelica powder is a little bit bitter, so you can enjoy it to add it to dressings.

Also you can make dressing yourself, using vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar and the tea powder.


In soups

You can also add Angelica powder to soups and stews to add extra health benefits.

In honey

You can add Angelica powder to honey. You can take it directly, with bread, with coffee and with our tea, so this way is very easy to take the powder every day.

In cosmetics

Angelica has anti-inflammatory effects, so you can use it as cosmetics. For example, mixing with masks, creams, and toothpastes. 

You can try it !!

Also,if you do not cook,  you can take it directly!! Take a teaspoonful of powdered Angelica two to three times a day.