how to prepare

Here are our current recommended ways to take NIHON-YAMA-NINJIN tea. You can enjoy it both hot and cold.

①with boiled water



Bring 1L of water to boiling point. Put a tea bag into the water and leave it in for 10 minutes. Remove the tea bag and you can then drink it. You can also let it cool if you prefer it colder.


②with cold water

Put a tea bag into about 0.8L of  water and leave it for 30 minutes. You can leave the tea bag inside as the taste will not change so much but it is best to remove it.

If you don’t have time to boil water, this would be the easiest way to enjoy the tea. Put the bag in your water bottle and carry it.





Take a teaspoonful of powdered NIHON-YAMA-NINJIN two to three times a day. Although it might taste a little bitter, you can take it directly. The effects can manifest earlier.





The unique fragrance and flavor of the herb will go well with some fruits and dairy products. Its also a good ingredient to add to Japanese or Western confections.