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We started to cultivate Angelica tea in 2007 with the wish to improve people’s health. All steps, from farming to sales, are done by us. We also do not use any pesticides on our farm. 

The word Yoriai translates to “a gathering”. This word was chosen to emphasize the people gathering to our farm to commune with nature and to relax.


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Nihon-Yama-Ninjin (Angelica)

We grow organic Nihon-Yama-Ninjin, which is called Angelica in English.

Angelica is sometimes called “Herb of God” which is said to have many benefits such as curing diseases, enhancing beauty and more.

About Angelica


Angelica is a rare herb native to Japan which is said to have a variety of effects for health and beauty. Here are some of the effects listed in the book 「ヒュウガトウキのすべて」(Hyuugatouki no subete) by Dr. Shuichi Mizuno ( year published ). The book states the following:


  1. Can help prevent thickening of the arterial walls.
  2. Can help reduce allergic reactions.
  3. Can help reduce chances of developing cancer.
  4. Can help reduce stress by decreasing adrenaline.
  5. Can help prevent diabetes.

 translated from the original Japanese


Angelica contains lots of nutrients, such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, organic compounds, "YN-1" and dietary fiber. Especially, Angelica has rare organic compounds, YN-1 which has special effects for our health.  

Angelica is also said to improve beauty.

And also, as it improves blood circulation, it potentially relieves various pains caused by inadequate peripheral blood flow, such as coldness, menstrual irregularity, stiff shoulder and low back pain.

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